About Us

Serving Teens in the North State

In 2001, Chaplain Jack Audino began the Campus/Juvenile Justice Chaplain Program in response to nationwide tragedies on campuses and in neighborhoods throughout our country. The goal was to get to know and serve teens at schools and in detention centers throughout the North State and, through those relationships, to assist them in making the right decisions in life.

With the assistance of former Shasta County Sheriff, Jim Pope, and Senior City of Redding Police Chaplain, Cyndee Thomas, training was offered to adult volunteers desiring to impact youth with the tools needed to overcome obstacles, provide support systems and incorporate life skills through weekly interaction and relationship.

We believed, that with God’s help, we could encourage them to take a “Leap of Faith” into a new world of rewards for good behavior rather than consequences for wrong choices. Training mentors who would commit time and relationship, as well as support and encouragement, seemed to be the answer.

In 2007, the New Way for Teens Mentoring Program was birthed out of the Chaplain ministry and continues to provide weekly adult mentor connections to youth exiting the Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility as well as “High-Risk” students attending several community schools throughout Shasta County.

Over the past several years, Chaplain Jack has continued to develop teams to serve the youth at Shasta County Juvenile Hall, Pioneer High School and Juvenile Court.

In 2013, we launched Forward Leap as a new 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Forward Leap now offers several programs for educating and impacting our youth in need of positive life change. Our mission is to keep growing and expanding to meet their needs and build relationships.

“His presence and provision will be all you need to make it through any storm in your life” — Chaplain Jack