God is fully aware of everything that happens to you, thankfully He is never asleep on the job.

Jack Audino, Founder

Forward Leap

Transforming youth through the power of relationship and story.

Each day presents a new opportunity. A new day for those who are considered to be “At-Risk” teens to take a leap of faith and step onto a new path. There is new ground where they can discover rewards for making the right choices.

We are here to guide them through the process of living a new life. We interact with anywhere from 7-20 youth per visit inside the Shasta County Rehabilitation Facility showing them there is hope and that their lives have purpose and significance.

In a time when test scores and evaluation are what drives funding for schools and programs, it’s important to remind ourselves that the capacity to really know a young person is a rare and valuable gift.

-Peter L. Benson

The Power of a Story

At Forward Leap we are convinced the potential for our city is in the hearts of our young people, and that by teaching teens to tell a better story with their lives, we will write a new story for our city.

We are restricted by law to not show faces and use names and to protect the identity of incarcerated youth.

Watch a Forward Leap Juvenile Justice Connection Story

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